Improve Your Marketing & Communications

Free monthly events to help you apply new marketing tips & ideas and give your business a buzz.


Join our interactive group session to get the top tips of the month and an opportunity for Q&A.


Keep the conversation going with local business attendees over coffee & goodies.


Register for a free 30 minute session of personalized support with one of the Brew Crew Pros.


Use your new marketing and communications ideas right away in your business!


What to expect

When You Show Up

Join us the 4th Wednesday of each month for Business Brew – a free marketing and communications event hosted by the Brew Crew Pros and Big Boiler Brewing to create a buzz for your biz!


  • Grab some coffee & coffee cake, then start at 8:00 AM with the month's top tips & ideas. Each month the Brew Crew will share a new topic with 45 minutes of learning and conversation that is interactive and fun.

  • Networking is encouraged before and after the top tips session to keep the conversation going with other business attendees looking for marketing and communications support just like you.

  • If you pre-register for a free 30-minute 1-on-1 session with a Brew Crew Pro, your session will start at 7:00 AM or 9:00 AM (whichever you book). This is a great opportunity to get marketing support for your specific business item. Check out the Brew Crew's areas of expertise and bring supporting material to get the most value out of your session.

  • The group session, Q&A, networking, and 1-on-1 sessions are meant to be high-impact and immediately actionable. Because we know you are busy with your business day-to-day, we've made this event quick and collaborative so you get well-rounded support in a time frame that doesn't blow your day away. It’s a free boost to your marketing and communications efforts – like a free shot of espresso in your joe!  


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Lowell Business Brew's 

2020 Schedule

There are currently no events scheduled. 

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