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Creating Your Marketing Calendar

The March 27, 2019 Lowell Business Brew meeting's Top Tips session focused on creating and using a Marketing Calendar. This is a HUGE topic, and at the request of those in attendance, we will follow up with Your Marketing Calendar - Part 2 during our Nov/Dec meeting on Wednesday, December 4th. Mark your calendars now!

Key points from the discussion included:

- Planning Ahead - By planning promotions and events in advance, you allow yourself the time to create and (more effectively) promote those events. We recommend setting aside a time for planning at the beginning of each quarter to plan upcoming & seasonal events.

- Using a variety of platforms to promote your business or organization - Email, Social Media, Websites, Blogs, Networking Events, Print Media and In-store signage & flyers (for brick & mortar locations) should all be used regularly in order to connect with target clients and customers.

- Scheduling something every week throughout the month and using free tools to post helps reduce the overwhelm and workload.

Free scheduling tools recommended at the March meeting include:

- Trello - this is the tool that Brianna uses for scheduling

- Canva - we both LOVE this one for creating FREE flyers & graphics!

- Buffer - Free lets you connect 3 from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn

- Hootsuite - Free version lets you choose & connect 3 platforms (more platforms to choose from)

- Tailwind - Scheduler for Pinterest & Instagram - start with the free trial

Download the March 2019 Handout here!


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